Create a Requirements Analysis Node

To create a new Requirements Analysis Node in project, open the context menu of the project by right-clicking on the project and select Requirements Analysis.

In the same way, you can add more requirements analysis nodes to your project.

Requirements overview

By double-clicking on the Requirements Analysis node, an overview over all requirements opens.

The number of all artifacts is summed up in the statistics section.

The list of requirements can be sorted by clicking on the column headers of the overview list. You can filter the requirements by inserting filter text in the filter section. Double-clicking on a column opens the corresponding requirement.

Below the requirements overview is an overview of all requirement trace that can also be filtered and sorted.

Export Report

You can export the information contained in the Requirements Analysis as Html or Word-documents.

Click right on the Requirements Analysis node. This opens the context menu, where you select Export Report. This opens a dialog where the information can be saved as a html- or doc-files (note that the generation of doc-files is supported on Windows, only).