Model Refactoring

The following sections will discuss the refactoring feature of AF3


AF3 offers the possibility to rename a type or a value, and to propagate the change to the rest of the model. To do so, right-click on the element that you want to rename in the data dictionary, and select the "Rename refactoring..." option:

A dialog pops up requesting the new name:

pressing "OK", occurrences of the type or value will be replaced automatically: typically in ports in the component architecture, or in transitions of state automata. According to the remark displayed in the dialog, notice that AF3 will do its best to find all occurrences, but it is not guaranteed that all of these are found.

Pack components

The "Pack Component" feature allows the user to select several components in a component diagram editor and wrap them into a new component. To use this feature, select a set of components (only the components: no ports or channels!), right-click, and select "Pack Component" in the context menu of the model navigator.

A new component gathering all the selected components will then be created automatically by AF3.
Note: however that the position and size of the new component need to be adjusted manually.