Installation and Running

Where can I report bugs or file feature requests?

Please direct any kind of feedback to our users mailing list ( The AutoFOCUS3 teams is happy to support you.

How can I connect ports of two components or states of a state automaton?

Move the cursor close to a port. The cursor will change and you simply have to click and drag to create a connection. (The old (Version 2.16 and older) ALT+click and drag behavior has been replaced and does not work anymore.)

How can I add new elements to a diagram?

There are three possibilities: either right-click in the model navigator (left side) or in the diagram editor (center) and select the element from the context menu, or drag the element from the model elements view (right side) into the diagram editor.

How to contribute?

AutoFOCUS3 is open source and developed under the Apache 2.0 license. Please check our developer documentation, or write to our developer mailing list (