Generating reports

The GSN-based diagrams created in our tool shall be used in different documents.

Exporting GSN diagrams

GSN diagrams do not model the entire assurance case and, as such, they do not replace all the documents within an assurance case. Instead, they represent an abstract overview of the argumentation and are included in other documents. Therefore, there is a need to export the GSN diagrams created in ExplicitCase into a format so that they can be easily integrated in text-based documents as figures.

Steps to export assurance cases in ExplicitCase

ExplicitCase offers the option to export a GSN-based diagram in three different formats: SVG, PNG, PDF. To do that, the user shall follow the following steps:

  1. Go to any assurance case module and open the editor;
  2. Right-click anywhere in the editor. Click 'Export Module Diagram ...';
  3. In the first dialogue, choose the preferred format;
  4. In the second dialogue, confirm the preferred format and choose the destination of the exported file;

Explanation of the colors

The following legend explains the different colors used in the exported document.