Deployment Synthesis

The Deployment Synthesis page is your starting point for generating mappings from tasks to hardware execution units.

The view shows the tasks contained in the selected Task Architecture and the execution units of the selected Platform Architecture. A deployment synthesis can be parameterized by defining rule sets, i.e., sets of constraints and objectives previously defined. In order to do so, press the button denoted by an arrow in the figure above.

1. Define constraint sets

This leads you to the Constraint Set Wizard. On the left, you can type information concerning the set of constraints that you are going to generate, namely you can assign a name to the set, associate the name of the author and possibly add further information.

In the table on the right, the constraints generated so far will be listed. Here you can select the ones that you want to include in your set.

Finally press the button Create a new Constraint Set to actually generate the set.

You can generate more than one constraint set. When you are done, you can press Next to move to the Objective Set Wizard or Finish to conclude.

2. Define objective sets

Similarly, the Objective Set Wizard allows you to define sets of objectives. On the left you can type information concerning the set, while on the right you can select the objectives to be included in it.

Finally press the button Create a new objective set to actually generate the set.

When you are done with objective set generation, you can press Finish to move on.

3. Launch the synthesis

Finally, you can launch the synthesis by following the four steps indicated in the figure above. In case when a joint schedule synthesis is selected, two optimization options are available: