Managing AutoFOCUS3 Projects

Create Projects

You can create new (empty) AF3-Project via:
'File → New AF3-Project'

Afterwards, you will see a project named 'AF3-Project' in you Model Navigator View. If you create a second empty project, you are asked for a new name for it.

Load Example Projects

Each feature of AF3 is covered by one of our standard example models that can be loaded into the workspace automatically. The Examples can be accessed through the menu: 'File → Open AF3 Example → ...'. If the example was already created before, you are asked for a new name for it.

Import & Export Projects

You can import *.af3_20 files into your workspace, which are located in an arbitrary directory of your hard disc. During the import, a copy of the file is put into your workspace. (If you want your original file also to be updated, you should export the edited project later to the original location).

If a file with an equal name already exists in your workspace, you are asked for another name.

If you select a source-file for an import that is located in your workspace, a copy of the file is placed into the workspace. Via this mechanism, you can easily make copies of existing projects.

To access the Import/Export functionality, see:
'File → Import AF3-Project'
'File → Export AF3-Project'