Generating Code for Components and Deployments

Note: The Deployment model has been replaced with the Components-to-Hardware allocation. However, the concepts of this documentation still apply. It be updated in a future release of AutoFOCUS3.

AutoFOCUS supports C code generation of component architectures as well as deployments. Currently, we only support C code generation for components with code specifications and platform architectures with the generic elements. Full support for state and mode automata and other platforms is still work in progress.

You can start the code generation by using the context menu of the component architecture (or the deployment, respectively).

You are offered the option to select a target folder, which has to be in the Eclipse workspace. (Please use the Storage-Perspective to create Eclipse workspace projects and folders. If you don't already have the Storage-Perspective, you can add it by pressing the button near to the Perspective buttons, select "Other..." and then select "Storage".).

Once the code generation is complete, you can see the result in the Storage-Perspective. The following picture shows the result of the component architecture generation.

When can use the deployment generator to generate platform code.

After you have used the deployment generator, you will get a single folder for each execution unit as well as each unit's synthesis code (system.h, system.c) and supplementary files (e.g. Makefile).

Please take care to manually delete your code-directories in the Storage-Perspective before you generate code for another project. Otherwise the new code files will simply be added to the existing ones.