DSE Dashboard

The DSE Dashboard is your starting point for any Design Space Exploration activity.

The main view (Dashboard) is divided into three columns:

In the standard perspective, on the left side, two navigators are present. These are not part of the Dashboard and will stay visible also when switching to a different view. In the top left corner you can find the Process Navigator, which will take you to any step in a DSE Process and provides a shortcut to most options available in the Dashboard. It consists of four buttons:

Below the Process navigator, you can find the DSE Navigator which displays in a tree-format the history of your design space exploration, i.e.:

Starting point: Importing an AF3 model or existing DSE project

Each DSE project starts with an import of an AF3 model: Therefore, press the button "Select AF3 Project" at the bottom of the Dashboard (Note: Importing external models is currently disabled). This opens a dialog where all projects present in the modelling view are listed (see figure below).

First page of the import dialog.

From this dialog, a new DSE project can be created from an AF3 model by selecting a top-level element from the list of projects. Alternatively, existing DSE projects can be imported. AF3 models containing a DSE project are foldable and have a black colored text whereas those without a DSE project have a gray text color.

When importing a AF3 project, the wizard traverses through the model types it found in the project. It allows to select the model instance to be imported in the DSE project (see below for the import page for Task Architectures). The relevant elements for the DSE project are highlighted by a yellow background.

Import page for a task architecture.