RaspberryPi Platform Architecture

The RaspberryPi platform architecture is a platform architecture that represents a RaspberryPi. It can be used to generate code for one or multiple RaspberryPis, allowing deployment of code to simple embedded hardware.

The RaspberryPi platform consists of RaspberryPi execution units and CAN busses. RaspberryPis can be connected to the CAN bus using CanConnectors. RaspberryPis can also have various sensors and actuators such as button presses on a Gamepad, MotorControl or Distance Sensors.

The RaspberryPi platform also includes a Light Runner Board representing pre-made board that can be used with a RaspberryPi.

The platform supports the following components and component groups:

The following picture shows an example of two RaspberryPis connected over a CAN bus.